Day 292, 波蘭-華沙一日遊自助行攻略-那個大家不怎麼推的華沙,我卻好喜歡/Poland-Warszawa 

我所看見不一樣的華沙 比捷克還讓我感覺身在童話故事裡 繽紛的建築 細細長長高高低低的擠在一起 好像在拍照一樣 因為知道我們正看著他們

Warszawa, for me is different. It’s more like a fairy tale than Czech Republic. I feel like I’m one of the actress in the fairy tale. The buildings are colorful, some are tall and some are small, some are thin and some are fat. All of them gathers together, it seems like they are taking photos just because of we are staring at them.

意外的發現波蘭人都好高 尤其是女生 貌似看到一個應該有200跟190左右的女生⋯

I found out that polish girls are superrrrrr tall, like 2m and 1.9m…

巧遇彩排的伸展台 第一次看見別人走秀 偷偷觀察別人怎麼走路 再偷偷學一下 好像自己也能像他們一樣有氣質 只不過他們的臉都好嚴肅 很高挑很瘦的身材 怕一個回矇笑 會搶走衣服的光彩吧 我猜

I saw the “fashion street" incoincident. It’s my first time to see it. I’m obversing how they walk and how can they look so elegant. They are so thin and tall. But all of them are so serious, poker faces. Maybe they are afraid that if they smile, then the attention is not on the clothes but the models.

走錯路被困在公園裡面 隔著柵欄 近近的就聽見水舞秀已經開始 已經有很響亮的音效在輸出 配合著水幕的劇情 不同顏色燈光的照射 還有輕重的音樂 呈現一個 ㄑ狀的噴水池 坐在中間感受兩旁視覺跟聽覺的饗宴 好浪漫

I’m planning to go to see the water show but I’m sticker in the park and cannot go out from there… I know I’m close because I can hear the speakers and people are screaming. It is cool that they have a video on the water, they get different colors of LED, and heavy music. The fountain is like ㄑ this shape. If you stay in the middle, then you can use your eyes and ears to enjoy. So romantic.


The next day morning, I go to the old town to see how it looks like in the morning.  The town is alive, it makes me feel that the whole town in full of energy. It is definitely different from 70 years ago when the ground is flat by the bomb.

I don’t know how many Polish are in the square. I can feel that they are all enjoy the moment they have even they had a bad history.

On the square, there is a band performing, a musician playing guitar, a bubble player plays with kids and some sellers sell the balloons. It’s like a carnival, a little Bercelona. I like it.



So… Warszawa .. is this kind of complicated.



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