Day 268, 葡萄牙-里斯本/辛特拉自助行攻略-里斯本與蛋塔們/ Lisboa and Pastel de Belémssss

When I walked away from the metro, I found out that I seems booked a hostel which was in a quite complicated area, like the street was in a mass, there were lots of different people wandering and some even sit on the street with blankets.   Some kids were yelling at the street.

I pushed the ring twice, and finally someone opened the door. A man help me to open it but he claimed that he is not a staff here but a guest. Alright, fine. Then I just saw this kind of image.


Well… Fine. I bought a 24hours transport ticket which include the lift (just next to the hostel!!)

Elevador de Santa justa, 05/24/2017, PeiHsin credit


I went up at eight. It seems like I’m the first guest and he didn’t charge me any cost of the observatory. Yeah!! The decoration inside is revival and delicate but a little bit weird with its out looking?

Inside the elevador de Santa justa, 05/24/2017

“Excuse me, can u help me to photo?"

“Yes, of course!", after taking photos.

“OMG, you are such a great photographer! Can I hire u as my personal photographer?"

“Hahahha! But I’m expensive."


Sometimes, just a little bit conversation can make u feel happiness all day.

這是景觀台的景。一上去,我就愛上了,愛上里斯本,可以感覺得到風, 一陣一陣吹在臉上,穿過指縫的感覺,很平靜很喜歡。而且有海味,感覺像在台灣。

This is what it looks like on top of the elevator. When I went up it, I live it! I do love Lisbon from that time. I can feel the wind and the calm. It smelled like sea, like Taiwan.


Let’s go Belém for the nata!!!!!!!


This huge white jeronimos monastery looks like he cathedral in Milan but bigger hundreds times. This monastery is build for praying the navy will return home safe and sound.

蛋塔跟重拿❤️ 他的拿鐵很特別,奶味特別重,據說是葡萄牙特有的咖啡喔!

My favorite dessert and galao!❤️ Galao is latte with heavy milk, one of the special drink in Portugal.


It was extremely crispy when I bit it!!!!!!! It’s awesome and not so sweet. I cannot tell how I love it. You have to taste it by yourself.


When I rested in the park and continue enjoyed my nata, I saw the ducks are fighting for the bread crumbs. Then I realized that not only bully come out with humans but also with ducks.


The duck A was enjoying its large bread crumbs. But the way it peck can easily run away? Fly away? from its control. However, duck B picked it up when the large bread is out of duck A’s control. Duck A seems so angry that it stepped on B and bit the B’s neck…


After that, Duck C got the bread crumbs.. But they were still fighting.. In battle ended because of other bigger duck came and safe B.


Because there was a railway between monastery and Belém tower, I’m thinking how to cross it, climbed up the railings..? At the same moment, I met one Korean girl and she also wanted to cross the railway. So… We climbed up the railings and went through the it.


hahaha! I’m just joking. We walked for a while to the footbridge and finally saw the tower of Belém.

Keep walking than u can see the Padrão dos Descobrimentos. Super huge.



It is build in 1940 for memerize the navigator, Prince Henry. He stood in the middle of the monument and besides him were other navigators, preachers and so on.


When I saw this monument, can’t help but thinking the situation and images 500 years ago. It just like a film imagine but it truly happened here.

Bica. Here are photos.



I met Paul who come from California and who showed off the happiness with his boyfriend. Haha!!! They are getting married at September. Congrats!

然後我們邊聊天邊找市集(大推Time out market) 談談最近台灣剛釋憲,同婚不違憲的話題,講講同性間的關係,他超訝異我也是其中一員,就說,妳看起來不像而且又不是短髮;我回,你也不是長髮啊!(笑

We talked about the law of gay marriage in Taiwan that will soon be able to get married with same gender. He was so surprised that I am one of them. He said u don’t look like gay and even u don’t have short hair. Then I replied, u don’t have long hair either! We found one market that was awesome called Time out market.


We also talked about religion when we saw the Jesus statue. When u truly believe in something, that’s called religion called faith. We walked to the square and saw that fireworks.


When going back to hostel, I saw elevador like this. Beautiful.

Sintra 心痛拉


I want to emphasize that u can buy your Sintra transport package in the machine and u can pay with credit card! Then, the difference between the Sintra card and Lisbon transport is the code in the face of the card but not the CP logo on the back of the card. Please buy your ticket in the machine!(train+bus) then u don’t need to be in a que.


If the weather is good, just buy the park ticket. It’s enough, trust me. Because inside the Pena palace is nothing. If the weather is shit, don’t even go there because u see nothing. Like this.


When i return back to the center, I met a girl who is from Argentina. We walked together and chatted together.


She is a boss sold the sport and rehabilitation equipments, the family business. She found someone to replace her for a month then she went traveling. But she learned design. She created a design company with her friends. That’s cool!

Then I went to Cano da Roca, the place where the sea begins and the land ends.

“Where are u going next?"

“Idk, maybe Guimareas or Porto."

" Don’t go to Guimareas. Go Porto!"



Lisbon is a place for relax yourself, just like home. It’s not too expensive like France. You can eat one bifana 2€ then you feel full. You can’t really full with 2€ in other European countries.(except u cook)

涼涼的,還有港口,海,船,整個療癒我在西班牙南部的疲憊身心靈(你看~西班牙遊記根本打都不想打哈哈 直接略過)

It’s a little bit cool. It has port, sea, boats. All of them heal my soul and my body which are really exhausted in south of Spain.  (I even skipped to write for it. )


I love it! Highly recommended


對「Day 268, 葡萄牙-里斯本/辛特拉自助行攻略-里斯本與蛋塔們/ Lisboa and Pastel de Belémssss」的想法

  1. 你變白了!
    相似卻又不同的各屋頂 別有風味
    我在這 每天都看的到海卻不會膩
    天氣好到炸 戶外就像是風景明信片
    但就只是風景明信片 能做的就是從靈魂之窗出去放放風
    希望哪天換你來 我有機會與妳一起成為明信片的一部份

    take care.


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