Day 249, I draw therefore  I am./ 那些明信片的大小事




My first trip in Europe was in UK. I found lots of souvenir shops and I couldn’t find a better postcard… All of it is so ugly 😂 However, I found out that there is no suitable postcard for me to buy. From that time, I started to make my own postcard. I bought papers, paint pen and color pencil and so on.


Venice, Italy, 2016.11


My first handmade postcard, I used pencil to sketch it first and then the color pencil with water. I wanted it to be deeper so I painted it strongly. Unfortunately, the strokes are obvious. lol The pen is not able to touch the water because……it bled.

Florence, Italy, 2016.11


The second time I refuse to use my pen to protect it not to become dark.

Roma, Italy, 2016.11

隨行提筆的羅馬競技場。Just sketch.

東歐 East Europe

Vienna, Austria, 2016.12

美泉宮,超大聖誕樹🎄  The palaceeee with a huge Christmas tree.

Castle, Český Krumlov, 2016.12

終於有一張是不用鉛筆,直接畫上去的了😂 畫完發現左邊房子是來鬧的嗎?

Sketch without pencil. What happened to that house on the left?!

The journey is here! Click me!

Budapest, Hungry, 2016.12


Under -4 degree, I took off my gloves and stood on the bridge, and tried to paint it ASAP. It was distorting but special.

The journey here! Click me. 點我


Black desert, Egypt, 2017.02


After East Europe, I started not to have a draft first. Sketch and paint directly.

Ma’at (God of justice), Egpty, 2017.02


If your soul is lighter than her feather, you are a good guy, and you can go to the heaven, if not, go to the hell.

Sphinx & Pyramid, Egypt, 2017.02


This one is for my mom, but she didn’t believe that I really made a postcard to her.

Every postcard in Egypt is lost, missing. Or maybe because the hostel didn’t sent it for us even they took our money.

The journey is here!Click me!點我!

法國 France


It’s not Louvre, France, 2017.03


Tour Eiffel, France, 2017.03


Notre Dame, France, 2017.03

Arc de triump, France, 2017.03

南法Southern France

Eze, France, 2017.04

很純粹的南法山城. The city was surrendered by the mountain like Mont. St. Michel.

The journey is here!Click me!點我!

巴塞隆納 Barcelona

Sagrada Família, Spain, 2017.04

聖家堂/不知道他完工之後長怎樣,只能先自行想像,殊不知回到家就收到來自巴塞的明信片,好開心❤️ 有被記得的感覺真好❤️

I really don’t know how it looks like when it was completed done so I just imagined. After this journey, I received the postcard from my friend. I was soooo touched. So that’s the feeling to receive a postcard. Because you know that the person is thinking of u when traveling.



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